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ProVent Fixed Point Fabrication

ProVent How It Works Video

This video shows how the ProVent System works


ProVent Systems Sample Specification

1. Scope
Provide all components including ProVent Stack and ProVent Base fittings for a complete combination plumbing drainage and vent system in accordance with the ProVent Guide, Design and Usage Manual. The ProVent manual was never intended to include all the mandatory plumbing code rules that have been taken for granted in this document but should be included wherever applicable. Provide all other plumbing approved drainage fittings, sleeving, anchors, traps, adapters and connecting devices to complete the Drainage and Vent System. Install the system in compliance with good practice plumbing rules including installation detail recommendations as shown on the engineer’s drawings and ProVents Guide Manual.

2. Materials
ProVent Stack and Base Fittings made of Type I, PVC resin permanently marked with the UPC Shield in accordance with ASTM 2665 and IGC 67-2007 Standards. ProVent 3″ PVC Double Wye Fitting in accordance with ASTM D-2665 Standard fits in between the stack and a 12″ rough water closet opening. The two side openings discharge above the centerline of the wye. E-Z Flex PVC Couplings in accordance with CSA B-602 Standard for elastomeric couplings for allowance of vertical pipe expansion and contraction. Standard Drainage Fittings: Shall comply with code approved DWV fitting standards.

3. Installation
The Plumbing Contractor shall be responsible for layouts, sleeving or coring for the pipe penetrations and for the complete installation of the single stack ProVent work. Anchors and hangers: Comply with design details or with the penetration details that show approved pipe support capabilities. Solvent Cementing: Use Primer and Cement conforming to ASTM D2564. Special Instructions should be used in extreme cold or hot weather conditions.
Test the system in accordance of the local plumbing code requirements. During freezing weather, special care must be taken when water testing to prevent damage. Leave the finished system clean from dirt or foreign matter. Make final connections to plumbing fixtures without any leaks.