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The Trap Guard device was introduced to the market in 2002 making Trap Guard the first trap seal device for protecting sewer gases and sewer backups to the general public. The prevailing wisdom at that time was “sewer gas never killed anybody.”

We now know that this is not necessarily the case. There have been many recent cases where people have died when infectious diseases are present in the drainage system. The Trap Guard is normally in the closed position, sealed tight like no other system. It opens with as little as one ounce of water but will allow a flow of 34.5 GPM of waste water when opened.

The Trap Guard has been tested in accordance with the ASSE 1072 test standard for ANSl/ASME A112.6.3 drains and by Warnock Hersey for the CSA B79 General Purpose Drains. It was evaluated by the ICC Evaluation Service and listed under ICC-ES-PMG Listing 1091.

The Trap Guard is accepted as a code approved alternate to using a Trap Primer. Primers have been used for many years using various type devices. The problem is they usually stop working after a short period of time because of numerous water related mechanical problems. The Trap Guard has no mechanical moving parts and provides a 10 year limited warranty.

The Trap Guard is the best trap seal device and saves time and money because of the simple one step installation by the plumber. It normally takes a 3 step labor process for the plumber to install water fed Trap Primers.

We hope you will agree with us that the value of protecting the public health is too critical to ignore. Trap Primers are really not designed to protect existing drains in older buildings. Trap Guards are designed to easily provide this vital protection for both new and old construction.