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Comprehensive Product Line

ProSet Systems has a complete line of systems for piping penetrations, for use in Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Sprinkler Applications. They encompass all of the major construction systems and types of pipe. They also include many different types of pipe and fixtures. These include:

  • All of the pipe diameters that you would normally require;
  • Fixtures such as tub boxes, floor and wall water closets and bidets;
  • Drain systems which include floor drains, shower drains, planter drains, condensate drains, hub drains and area drains.

All of these drains can incorporate the ProSet Trap Guard, thus eliminating the potential for sewer gas emission and sewage backup from any drain. The incorporation of Trap Guard also means that you can specify an emergency or specialty drain system wherever there is a need, without worrying about the requirement for a trap primer or venting.

All of these penetrations incorporate integrated firestopping, smokeproofing and waterproofing. This means that when you incorporate the ProSet Systems in your buildings, they are safer, provide proper tenant separation and are less likely to develop mold due to water penetration of floors and walls.

Easy Access to Information and Ease of Specification

Because the ProSet Systems are so comprehensive, there are many combinations of Application, Construction System, Piping and Fixture that are included. We have made it as easy as possible to access information, download and view the pdf drawings a for your specifications.

Personalized, Expert Advice
The information on ProSet Systems available from this page is intended to make it easier to use our products. However, if you have a need that goes beyond this, for example, solving an unusual design problem or questions on the effective use of our products, please call our toll-free number to get the answers you need: 800-262-5355.