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Provent Systems makes a single stack PVC, DWV plumbing system that is similar to the cast iron Sovent system. The old cast iron Sovent has been used in plumbing drainage for approximately 60 years. The modern updated version is manufactured by Provent using special designed PVC fittings.

The Provent PVC fittings control both interior negative and positive pressures inside the stack pipe to produce a smooth, safe flow without any vent piping and it functions just like any conventional two pipe system.

The Provent system eliminates the normal vent piping and saves about half the total piping required. It also eliminates penetrations through the floor and uses less hangers and supports.

The Provent fittings are made with the highest grade PVC resin available and are approved and listed by IAMPMO testing laboratories. The PVC piping will last forever especially in coastal areas where there have been many problems with cast iron pipe corroding.

Modern lightweight PVC makes it much easier to fabricate and install. The Provent Stack Fitting has a built in noise absorbing ribs in its design. When used in combination with ProVent’s Whisper Quiet Shell Pipe, sound tests proved the bare PVC using the Shell pipe was actually quieter than the cast iron pipe.

The Provent Single Stack System is an ideal value added costs solution for owners and contractors when used in multi-story hotels, condos, apartments, nursing homes, dormitories and hospitals or other buildings where people stay overnight.



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