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ProSet Systems, Inc. was the first company to test a firestop device at Underwriters

Laboratories in accordance with UL 1479 and ASTM E-814 fire test standards. The tests were conducted in May, 1982 making ProSet the oldest and most experienced in firestop devices for the piping trades. The complete line of firestop penetrators equals or surpasses all the current building and life safety codes.

In addition to be fire rated, ProSet penetrators provide for pipe expansion and contraction, waterproofs smokeproofs and reduces pipe noise. ProSet out performs any metallic or nonmetallic sleeving. Their versatility and combination function creates remarkable solutions.

Most ProSet firestopping methods are accomplished by simply installing pipe, fittings and hangers. This makes the process of firestopping easy for pipe mechanics to install. The firestopping is automatically done while installing the piping system which improves productivity and fast track scheduling.

ProSet penetrators can also be used in a variety of other non-fire rated applications. They are excellent for waterproofing roof penetrations and unique swimming pool inlets and outlets.