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ProSet Systems was founded in 1982 creating and delivering innovative sleeving products and methods of pipe fabrication for the mechanical and electrical trades. ProSet was the first company to fire test a cast in place firestop sleeve device at UL in 1982. In1983 all National Building Codes included a new firestop requirement section that made it mandatory to used ASTM E-814 fire tested penetrations. This requirement was made to order for the ProSet sleeving system giving ProSet a head start of providing better firestop devices through the US and Canada

All ProSet products were developed by its founder, Ken Cornwall, who was a mechanical contractor for over 20 years and knew there had to be a better way to connect piping passing through concrete floors. He imagined using an embedded PVC sleeve coupling with adapters that could connect all types of piping and drain openings and become an integral part of the DWV system that could also pass the fire test. These firestop products became known as “Fixed Point Fabrication” and are now used by many contractors to save hours of labor.

In 2006 ProVent Systems was formed to create and manufacturer a new PVC single stack DWV system similar to the Sovent cast iron system that has been used successfully for over 60 years. The PVC system cost less, is easier to handle and install plus last forever over cast iron, specifically near coastal areas.

In early 2009 ProVent Systems purchased assets from ProSet Systems, Inc and now represents and sells a number of product lines under the ProVent banner, such as the ProVent Single Stack System, Whisper Quiet Pipe, ProSet Firestop Penetrators, Trap Guard Devices, Air Admittance Valves, Anchortek Inserts, Water Guard Water Proofing and T-Rite Drains plus more in the works.