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Product Guide Specification

Trap Guard® US Patent Number: 6,795,987

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Specifier Notes: This product guide specification is written according to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 3-Part Format, including MasterFormat, SectionFormat, and PageFormat, contained in the CSI Manual of Practice. The section must be carefully reviewed and edited by the Architect to meet the requirements of the project and local building code. Coordinate this section with other specification sections and the drawings.Delete all “Specifier Notes” when editing this section.



Specifier Notes: This section covers ProSet Systems “Trap Guard®” floor drains used for sewer gas and sewage backup protection. Consult ProSet Systems for assistance in editing this section for the specific application.



A. Sewer gas and sewage backup protection floor drains.


Specifier Notes: Edit the following list of related sections as required for the project. List other sections with work directly related to this section.

A. Section 15100 – Building Services Piping.

B. Section 15400 – Plumbing Fixtures and Equipment.


Specifier Notes: List standards referenced in this section, complete with designations and titles. This article does not require compliance with standards, but is merely a listing of those used.

A. ASME A112.6.3 – Floor and Trench Drains.

B. ASTM E 814 – Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Fire Stops.

C. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B 79 – Floor, Area, and Shower Drains, and Cleanouts for Residential Construction.

D. NSF/ANSI 14 – Plastics Piping System Components and Related Materials.


A. Comply with Section 01330 – Submittal Procedures.

B. Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s product data, including installation instructions.

C. Shop Drawings: Submit manufacturer’s shop drawings, indicating materials, components, strainer, dimensions, and details for connections to pipe.

D. Test Reports:

Specifier Notes: Edit the following to require submittal of manufacturer’s testing information or fire ratings or both, as required.

1. Submit manufacturer’s testing information.

a.     ICC-ES PMG Listing #1091
b.    Intertek Testing Services: Report No. 478-3031903-1/03.
c.    Fire Test Listing: Warnock Hersey designs.

Specifier Notes: The following is required in fire-rated floors only.

2. Submit manufacturer’s fire ratings.
a. Fire Test Standard: ASTM E 814.

E. Closeout Submittals: Submit manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.


A. Delivery: Deliver materials to site in manufacturer’s original, unopened containers and packaging, with labels clearly identifying product name and manufacturer.

B. Storage: Store materials in clean, dry area indoors in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

C. Handling: Protect materials and finish from damage during handling and installation.

A. ProSet Systems, Inc., 1355 Capital Circle, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043. Toll Free (800) 262-5355. Phone (770) 339-1782. Fax (770) 339-1784. Website www.Trap

A. Sewer Gas and Sewage Backup Protection Floor Drains: Trap Guard® floor drain.

B. Description:
1. Material: Smooth, soft, flexible, elastomeric PVC material molded into shape of
duck’s bill, open on top with curl closure at bottom.
2. Allows wastewater to open and adequately discharge floor drain through its
3. Closes and returns to original molded shape after wastewater discharge is

C. Compliance:
1. ASME A112.6.3.
2. NSF/ANSI 14.
3. CSA B 79.

D. Load Rating:

Specifier Notes: Edit the following for the specified strainer material.

1. Nickel Bronze, Chrome Plated, or Polished Brass Stainer: Maximum of
2,000 pounds.
2. Cast Iron Strainer: Maximum of 7,499 pounds.

E. Body:
1. Diameter:

Specifier Notes: Edit the following for the specified strainer material.

a. Nickel Bronze, Chrome Plated, or Polished Brass Stainer: 7 inches.
b. Cast Iron Strainer: 11 inches.
2. PVC body with anchor flange and weep holes.

Specifier Notes: Specify 2-inch or 3-inch throat and threads.

3. Throat: [2 inches] [3 inches].
4. Threads: [2-inch] [3-inch] NPS machined integral-body threads.

F. Strainer:

Specifier Notes: Specify strainer shape and material. The only material for the 9-inch round strainer is heavy-duty cast iron.

1. Shape: [5-inch round] [5-inch square] [9-inch round] [As indicated on the
2. Material: [Nickel bronze] [Chrome plated] [Polished brass] [Heavy-duty cast
iron] [As indicated on the drawings].

Specifier Notes: Specify Phillips head or vandal resistant screws.

3. Screws: Stainless steel. [Phillips head] [Vandal resistant].

Specifier Notes: Delete the funnel drain top if not required.

G. Funnel Drain Top: 2-3/8 inches by 3-1/2 inches.

H. Tailpiece: Same material as strainer.

Specifier Notes: Specify pipe size.

I. Pipe Size: [2 inches] [3 inches] [4 inches] [As indicated on the drawings].

J. Type of Floor Drains:

Specifier Notes: Specify the type of Trap Guard® floor drains required for the specific application. Delete floor drain types not required.

1. Adjustable Floor Drain with PVC Plastic Hub Joint: Connects floor drain to plastic pipe in ground floor concrete slab.
2. Adjustable Floor Drain with Mechanical Hub Joint for Cast Iron: Connects floor drain to cast iron pipe in ground floor concrete slab.
3. Adjustable Floor Drain for Plastic Pipe Above Ground Floor with Built-In Intumescent Wrap Strip: Connects floor drain to plastic pipe in above ground concrete floor slab.
4. Adjustable Floor Drain for Cast Iron Pipe Above Ground Floor: Connects floor drain to cast iron pipe in above ground concrete floor slab.
5. Adjustable Floor Drain for Plastic Pipe in Corrugated Metal Floor: Connects floor drain to plastic pipe in metal deck floor slab.
6. Non-Adjustable Floor Drain for Plastic Pipe through Cored Hole: Connects floor drain to plastic pipe through cored concrete floor slab.
7. As indicated on the drawings.

Specifier Notes: Include the following if Trap Guard® hub/floor drains are required.

K.      Hub Drains:

1.   Size:  [2 inches by 3 inches]  [2 inches by 4 inches]  [3 inches by 4 inches]  [As indicated on the drawings].

2.   Plumbing Connection:  [Plastic pipe]  [Cast iron pipe]  [As indicated on the drawings].

Specifier Notes: The recessed strainer is optional. Delete if not required.

3.   Recessed Strainer:  Recessed down 1-1/2 inches inside hub.


3.1         EXAMINATION

A.         Examine areas to receive floor drains.  Notify Architect of conditions that would adversely affect installation or subsequent use.  Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.

3.2         INSTALLATION

A.      Install floor drains in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions at locations indicated on the drawings.

B.      Install floor drains plumb, level, and to correct elevation.

C.      Install top of floor drains flush with finished floor.

D.      Install floor drains using manufacturer’s supplied hardware.

E.      Plastic Strainer Cover:  Remove factory-installed protective plastic strainer cover after concrete placement.

F.         Elastomeric Plug:  Employ as test plug and remove before normal floor drain use, factory-installed elastomeric plug under strainer.

G.     Do not touch floor drains with primer or solvent cement.

H.      Seal seepage openings in floor drain body with mastic when pan is not used.

Specifier Notes: Include the following if Trap Guard® hub/floor drains are required.

I.       Hub Drains:

1.   Install top of hub drains 1 inch above finished floor.

2.   Use manufacturer’s coupling connection for cast iron pipe.

3.   Remove factory-installed protective cap after concrete placement.

3.3         PROTECTION

A.      Protect installed floor drains and finish from damage during construction.


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