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Protection of the Public’s Health

The most important stated objective of the plumbing industry is to protect the health of the public. While we have done an effective job in this area, there are new and serious health threats that are surfacing. These threats include the transmission of infectious diseases and bacteria via drains with dry traps.

International SARS Symposium

group of more than 100 plumbing, public health and building professionals from seven countries attended the International SARS Symposium in February, 2004 in Los Angeles. The event was co-sponsored by the World Plumbing Council and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

The conference examined the spread of infectious disease through its escape from drains. It examined the spread of the SARS virus through dry traps at the Amoy Gardens apartment complex in Hong Kong, where 329 people were infected and 42 died. In addition to this severe threat to the public health, outbreaks of SARS also carry a dramatic economic impact, which, thus far, has been felt in both Canada and China.

The importance of providing a reliable trap seal, in terms of public health, has increased substantially. What are your options? Here are the four options that are available today:

  • The “Pressure Drop” trap primer: Reliability is compromised by sediment or water line debris in the small gauge connecting line. Installation is complex, often requires callbacks for the contractor and it will not work at all in remote areas.
  • The “Waste Water” trap primer: The connecting line is easily clogged and odors are caused by the wastewater in the line itself. Installation is also complex.
  • “Deep Seal Traps”: Merely doubles the time that it takes for the seal to evaporate.
  • The Trap Guard®: Reduces evaporation and provides a physical barrier to emission of sewer gases and sewage backup. This physical barrier is reliable and will provide resistance to high pressure. Since the Trap Guard® is integrated into the drain, installation of the Trap Guard® requires no extra steps.

We believe that Trap Guard® is the best option for protecting your clients and the public from infectious disease.

Trap Guard® US Patent Number: 6,795,987

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