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Test Temperature 75°F (24°C) Acetic, 10-50% F Benzoic E Boric E Butyric F Chloroacetic E Chromic F Citric E Fluoboric E Hydrobromic, 25% E Hydrochloric, 10% E Hypochlorus E Lactic E Maleic E Nitric, 5% G Oleic E Oleum X Oxalic E Perchloric G Phosphoric, 25% E Phthalic E Sulfuric, 10% E Tannic E Tartaric […]

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Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. Test Performed on the Trap Guard® Elastomeric Material Based on Section 4.10 of CAN/CSA B602-05 General Requirements: 4.1.2 Tensile Strength and Elongation 4.1.3 Hardness 4.5 Oil Immersion 4.1.6 Fluid Immersion 4.1.8 Water Absorption 4.1.9 Heat Aging 4.1.10 Low Temperature Flexibility 4.1.11 Tear Strength Tests done on July 29, 2002 at […]

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Revolutionizing Drainage Systems Providing Real Value to You and Your Customers Trap Guard® solves the problem of infrequently used drains by eliminating the need for a trap primer while preventing the emission of sewer gases and the backup of raw sewage into living or work areas. It is much less expensive, much more effective and […]

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