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Trap Guard® Approvals

ProSet Trap Guard® is approved at national, state and local levels as a replacement for the trap primer. It has undergone rigorous testing by a variety of independent and reputable testing authorities (see below) in order to obtain those approvals.

Can You Legally Specify and Install the Trap Guard Within a Jurisdiction Where it Has Not Specifically Been Approved?

The answer is YES.

The Federal Trade Commission makes it mandatory that every code must have a section for alternate materials and methods approval.

If a Professional Engineer can provide sufficient data to prove equivalency in providing protection of the public health, safety and welfare, the inspection department in that area cannot legally turn it down. There is more than sufficient data with listings and approvals to prove Trap Guard®’s equivalency for alternate approval. We have provided a list of this data below, with links to view and download the documentation.

If you feel that it would be of benefit to use Trap Guard® on one or more of your projects and you don’t believe that specific approval has been granted in your area, you still have the option of specifying and installing it based on the above FTC mandate and the documentation proving equivalency.

Linkages to Testing and Approvals Documentation


Approvals By Region

Previously, we maintained a list of State, Province and Local regions where the Trap Guard was specifically approved. We are no longer providing this specific information since the list is growing so rapidly, and Trap Guard is being used on such a widespread basis, that it was virtually impossible to keep the list up-to-date.

If in doubt, we suggest that you check with the appropriate regional authorities.

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